How It All Began

VRangers is into Adventure since 2009 and are well known in providing lifetime experiences to many people. VRangers are a team who are passionate about adventure activities and hence they ensure that every participant gets a complete package of thrill, serenity and enjoyment. We understand adventure is not only to boost your energy spirits but to explore nature in its fully purest form. 
We have experienced and proficient team leads who ensure that your every trek or activity is unique memorable experience for you. We have range of escapades on offer which include from simple jungle walk to treks, hikes, cycling etc. Many outdoor activities like rafting, rappelling, climbing and bike trips are on our agenda which can be easily reached on our monthly schedule. 
We know one travels only if they have the urge to see the untouched and divine scenes in nature and age cannot be a barrier. We therefore have various activities for all age groups. Our expertise team members will help you choose that would best fit your need. When you choose us leave your worries with us. All you need to do is live to explore and expand your playground with us. 
We are now also venturing into corporate tourism. We organize number of camps at various locations, lakeside, riverside etc. and more even one customize the location and we would do all the arrangements for you. 
We believe a time that person takes from his or her life to outdoor activities is to refresh and revive ones soul. We ensure you get every worth of the penny you invest for this marvelous time.