Himalayan Sham Valley Trek
₹ 18,000
VRangers Himalayan Sham Valley Trek. Sham trek is one of the beautiful & easy level treks. Short Info: Region: Leh Grade: Easy. Temperature: Jan to March day time 2C to -5C and night -10C to -30C. Wind chill, freezing climate. Max Altitude: 11,123 ft Best Time To Visit:   January and February. About: Every trekker has a dream to tour and trek naturally blessed part of the country that is Ladakh. To accomplish this dream let us introduce one of the valleys in this region which is popularly known as “Apricot Valley”. Also, synonymously called as Sham Valley, is a perfect destination for winter treks. One of the well-known and the easiest trek in this region gives a view that makes one fall in love with beautiful apricot flowers that blossom during this period. This trek is a chance that allows discovering this place very closely. You would get to know the lifestyle here as we pass through remote villages Hemis Shukpachen, Ridzong, Temisgang and Ang based in the mountain terrains. Trek definitely is welcoming as it is suitable for both families and individuals. It is an opportunity to capture delightful sights of barley fields, floral valleys and streams. Lucky if you are, then there are chances to come across the wildlife creatures in this region. As harmless are they, it is indeed pleasure to see them in their own habitat. This is simple walk trek at altitude of 3500 meters that is en-route from Likir to Hemis Shukpachen which is at about 3700 meters. Further moving higher at 3850 meters the Phobe La to Mebtak La (3750 meters) and then finally to Tsermangchen La (3750 meters). This is perfect activity with small adventures of hiking at small elevations and nature trails. As peaceful this place is, it is equally a heavenly feel while one enjoys the jest of Tibetan culture, cuisines and celebrations. The trek relishes small colonies of Indo-Tibetan people who offer homestay permitting to share their lifestyle. Simple life is another experience that is added advantage to this trek leaving everyone with divine emotion. read more read less