Hadsar Fort rises on a steep hill near the Nana pass valley eight miles north-west of Junnar and sixty miles north of Pune. The fort lies within the limits of Hadsar village at the foot of the fort. From Junnar the road to the hill lies along the valley of the Kukdi between two ranges of high hills.Fort Hadsar, also known as Parvatgad, was constructed in the Satvaahan era and was quite inhabited during that period. 

Short Info:

Trek: Hadsar fort

Duration: One day Trek

Height: 3300 ft approx

Grade: Medium

Region: Junnar.

It is located on the outskirts of Nagar (Ahmednagar) in order to protect the trade route passing through Naneghat. Documentary evidence shows that fort Hadsar was included in the treaty made by Shahaji Raje with the Mughals in 1637. In 1818 the British forces conquered Junnar and the forts in the region.

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