Here is an exciting opportunity to add more adventure and sports to your career. Guiding and leading group of strangers to enable them to enjoy lifetime adventure is not only fun but a perfect challenge to keep excitement live in career. These groups of strangers then become part of rangers called “VRangers Adventure & Trekking”. Lead and guide ability to provide basic support, guidance and training will be prerequisite in expansion of our company.

Introducing VRangers:

VRangers is one of the best groups that inspire people to get out of their regular routine and enjoy a different vision to life. There are number of adventure forms that we offer including hiking, trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, river rafting etc.

We believe in providing our participants an unforgettable and rejuvenating experience. We believe adventures are a medium of meditating to connect nature, spirit and joy. Hence we need to ensure every participant gets brilliant service.
Just give a clear idea of our work profile there are few activities that guide/lead will have to actually do themselves and those include following:

  • Trekking ( 1 or 2 day expedition or Range Treks)
  • Rock climbing
  • Waterfall rappelling
  • Rappelling
  • Flying box
  • Valley crossing
  • Biking- Person shall have valid driving license
  • Camping

There are activities that we outsource and lead/guide has to simply accompany and coordinate between the participants and outsourced group.

  • Paragliding
  • Rafting
  • Long distance Rappelling and flying fox (like Kokankada rappelling, jivdhan khadaparasi valley crossing and rappelling)
  • Himalayan trek
  • Himalayan biking

We are ethical group who believe in best service is call for another trip. First impression is last for many and hence we always ensure that we give memorable experience in real budget price.

Qualifications & Expectations

Yes, immediate question on your mind is what I would need to qualify to pursue this career. Treks are generally over the weekends and hence availability on weekend is must. We have few specific and few variable requirements.

Specific Requirements

  • At least 21 years
  • Valid driving license
  • A mobile phone with texting ability
  • Leadership qualities which means ability to coordinate between different people with varying age, background, profiles etc.
  • Ability to carry heavy backpack.

Variable Requirements

Experience which need not be as professional trekker but at least basic skills are must.
This include following:

  • Ability to handle participant’s queries and concerns
  • Shall be highly self-motivated
  • Excellent communication skills and able to speak Hindi, English and any regional language.
  • Basic first aid training.
  • Availability at least twice a month for trek.

Role & Responsibilities

There are certain things that you would have to do as guide/lead. This will include following:

  • Preparing a list of people travelling on adventure
  • Calling them and ensuring their attendance
  • Coordinating people to reach meeting point in regards with transport and timings.
  • Ability to handle any other responsibilities delegated by the senior leads.
  • Accompanying participants throughout the adventure activity and ensuring safe return.

Additional Skills:

It would highly be beneficial if the new hire has certificates in adventure sports, qualifications in sporting activities, experience in handling groups and teams here before, ability to cook and knowledge of any cultural activity etc. will be beneficial.

Your Benefits:

Adventure is two way benefits. You will be paid attractive compensation for attending treks but apart from that you will also earn opportunity to meet new people. You will also learn various new adventure activities and become an expert in this field.
If you find above opportunity exciting and are enthusiastic to join us then kindly mail in your resume on:
**Note: We recommend you to mention any of the above mentioned qualities, expertise and experience in resume.